Maybe Even Pigs!


Jacob is

 feeling nervous about his doctor’s appointment. However, the very skilled Dr. Ziggy knows exactly

 what to do.


“Hats off to Judy for yet another spectacular children’s book. “Maybe Even Pigs” encourages children to face their fears and yet educates children on a different culture that is close to home.”


Farah Fatemizadeh-Groom

WRDSB Teacher

MA in Education

Reading Specialist



“I love the story and it so pertinent for our community and the fears that kids have with their vaccinations.”


Mary Anne Richer

Vice Principal, EDSS



“Your child’s mind and heart will be moved after reading “Something is Missing” and “Maybe Even Pigs.” The author’s creative writing style encourages children to reflect on the similarities and differences of their own culture and others. The Cultures are explored with sensitivity, humour and respect.”

Judy Stewart


YWCA Bridgeport Child Care Centre













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